10 Facts About Me..

  1. I’ve just received a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Humanities with the Open University after studying for 9 years whilst working full time! I had to do my last assignment when Charlotte was a few weeks old as I had planned to do it at the start of my maternity leave (see birth blog post!). 
  2. I am a very good swimmer and used to compete weekly until I was about 15 – my best stroke is (was..!) butterfly! 
  3. I’m a huge architecture and history geek – I am absolutely fascinated by beautiful buildings and all forms of history. I’ve been know to drag my husband Craig around museums and just randomly stop to take pictures of buildings!  
  4. I have recently set up my first business after training to be a Hypnobirthing Teacher.
  5. I met Craig whilst working as a receptionist in Leeds City Center, I knew him for a few years before we got together. We’ve been together for 7 and married for 1. 
  6. I’m a real advocate of metal health and think that its something that needs to be talked about more.
  7. I own about 300 + DVD’s. I am a massive film buff and will watch absolutely anything apart from horror.. Craig is a wimp and its kind of made me the same! I have too many favourite films to choose one!
  8. If I won the lottery I would love to build an animal sanctuary for endangered animals.
  9.  I used to work for a Cookery School prior to going on maternity leave and ate a lot!  
  10. I am very sentimental and have at least two boxes of memoirs per year.. having a baby has brought this to a new level!