Hi there,

My name is Laura and welcome to my page The New Mummy. I started doing this blog in August 2017 and although its taken some time for me to get going, its something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The idea of blogging is something that I have liked the idea of for year but I didn’t really have the confidence in a topic until I became pregnant. 

I’m a first time mum to my daughter Charlotte who was born four weeks ‘early’ at the beginning of May 2018. I’m in my early thirties and live in Leeds, Yorkshire with my husband Craig. Becoming pregnant completely changed my life (as I know it does for everyone!) and becoming a parent has given me self confidence to put myself out there and do more things that I’ve wanted to do.

I’ll be exploring lots of different topics to do with parenting, pregnancy and birth – I have a real passion for mental health honesty and I am firm believer in the saying ‘Happy Mummy Happy Baby’ so I will be touching on lifestyle topics that I enjoy such as food, films and travel.

I really hope you enjoy reading my page – do get in contact if you have any questions!