Changes that I’ve been making to improve my wellbeing

Journalling – I’ve been doing this for a few months now and even though I don’t do it every day it has a really positive effect when I do as it gets all my thoughts out in the open and it also means I spend time thinking about what I’m grateful for.

Downloading the calm app! @calm I cannot get enough of this app! It’s free for the first week and then there is a small charge. It is worth it! I use every element of this app now from sleep stories and tutorials to meditation and relaxing music.

Meditation – I’m still getting into this one and find it harder than I used to, to switch off but is worth the time and effort as it helps you to become more focused.

Listening to productive and positive podcasts. Really helpful for happiness and trying to think of new ways to get productive!

Breathing. We can all do this one so easy but just taking some long full breaths can take to you a place of stress back to a state of calm.


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