Yorksinstameet at Newburgh Priory

Today I went to my first day time Yorksinstameet! I’ve wanted to go to one for a while but was keen to get my business The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School up and running before I did!

The event was taking place at the absolutely incredible Newburgh Priory, I’ve never been before and was immediately blown away. Being a bit of an architecture geek meant I was well and truly in my element.

The idea of Yorksinsta meet is for small businesses to be able to meet one another, its a bit like a networking event but I was drawn to this one in particular due to how friendly Caroline and Louise (the founders) came across on their social media platforms.

The added bonus to meeting like-minded business owners is that there tends to be a guest speaker, in this instance, it was Sarah Tasker who is an Instagram expert and coach. With over 215,000 on Instagram, she is the perfect person to advise on when it comes to social media and engaging with your followers.

When I set The New Mummy blog up, it genuinely was for a bit of fun and I’m currently exploring different ways to evolve it to go alongside my hypnobirthing business so it was great to hear all of her hints and tips.

I think my personal favourite was to focus on making engaging posts, which is sometimes easier said than done, however, it might be worth exploring different areas for your social if you feel that you’ve got to stand still with your following.

Sarah has recently launched her first book Hashtag Authentic which I was able to purchase and get signed by Sarah herself! The book is absolutely beautiful and really is an incredible representation of the work that Sarah does.

If you’re setting up a blog or a small business in and around the Yorkshire area, I would highly recommend getting to one of this events in order to help you build connections, not only within your own industry but within other similar ones too. The benefit of the Yorksinstameet is that it genuinely is down to earth and you also get access to a brilliant facebook group where you can bounce ideas off each other and share learnings.

Particularly when you work from home like myself, it’s so important to be able to get support and connect with other people and doing events like this is a perfect way to get to know new people!

A special shout out to Caroline and Louise @yorksinstameet

Sarah Tasker for her incredible talk @me_and_orla

Newburgh Priory for a stunning venue @newburghpriory

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