A Day Out at Tiny Boo

Charlotte and I met our friends yesterday at a new place, Tiny Boo in Headingley. Despite me getting really confused at where to park due to my sat nav and it pouring down with rain (there is a car park.. I just didn’t check) whilst I tried to find where I was going, getting drenched, I very quickly settled into Tiny Boo.

It literally is tiny, probably the reason why it got its name, and at first, I was a little skeptical but within minutes I could see the benefit of having such a small space. It meant that the babies could crawl or walk around and pretty much do their own thing without you having to worry where they were.

There were several tables and a couch for parents to be able to settle, coat pegs and shoe holders and it just had a really nice and relaxed feel. The babies immediately became interested in the variety of wooden toys and activities that they could get involved in. As the space is primarily aimed at babies and toddlers meant that you weren’t on edge (like me!) about Charlotte interrupting older children play.

She could just wander around, play with the toy kitchen and greengrocers without a care in the world. Yes, she still tried to climb up the slide the wrong way but I didn’t have to dart across a vast space to rescue her from badly attempted slide climbing as I do in most places! There is a small wooden play frame area where children can climb up, a large chalkboard wall and LOTS of books.

Tiny Boo is within the Heart Community Centre and although it doesn’t provide food (I saw a few parents bringing their own bits in) there was an incredible cafe Assembly Bar + Kitchen that was more than happy to bring food into the area for you! The food was amazing, artisan bread, chai lattes, fresh salads, and a really easy children’s menu too.

Tiny Boo also has a new outdoor play area, again, small but so dainty and cute. It was far too wet for us to be outside but hopefully, next time we visit, we will be able to use the cute little wendy house.

Thanks again for a lovely trip out, we can’t wait to come back.


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