Bax Botanics Non Alcoholic Spirits

Bax Botanics Non Alcoholic Spirits

Wow! I’ve recently been sent a bottle  of Bax Botanics incredible non-alcoholic spirit which has gone down an absolute treat, I wanted something that felt refreshing but not alcoholic as I’ve been working from home a lot and needed to be able to focus! It’s also been really great to have on an evening when I want to put my feet up and relax. I’ve gone for a bottle of Sea Buckthorn which is a distillation of fragrant herbs and botanicals – Citrussy Seville oranges, Mediterranean herbs and subtle, warm, buttery baking. It really does feel luxurious and is an absolute treat to drink, it really has got the gin taste!

The drinks have no sugar, no sweeteners and are completely allergen free which means they are available for everyone to enjoy. The perfect drink to enjoy if your wanting something a little luxuirous whilst pregnant or if your the designated driver!

You can tell even from the bottle that a lot of love and care has been put into making these products, with them being distilled in craftsman made copper stills – just the same way as gin is made but without the alcohol. Even the labels are printed on environmentally friendly sugar cane waste and the spirits themselves are made using organic herbs that are farmed sustainably and from Fairtrade farmers. A very ethical product but my favourite bit about them in that they are made in Yorkshire of course!

The spirits can be purchased in Booths stores or can be bought directly from Bax Botanics via their website.

Use discount code MUMMY15 to get 15% off orders directly from Bax Botanics website! Let us know what you think and enjoy – who says not drinking isn’t fun? Find out more about the incredible journey on social media too.

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