The New Mummy Book Review – Mumboss by Vicki Psarias

When I had the pleasure of meeting Honest Mum at the Bump and Baby Expo in York I was blown away by her talk about motherhood, blogging and setting up a business. I took a lot away from it and found it really interesting to hear from a real life blogger, although I decided just over a year ago to start a blog – I hadn’t ever really researched the in’s and out’s of how to create a successful blog! It really gave me some food for thought on how I could make improvements to my blog, what I actually wanted to write about and to focus on my website as opposed to social media platforms.

As soon as the talk ended, I went to go buy her book straight away and had the pleasure of having a quick chat and photo. I was really looking forward to getting glued on Mumboss and I’ve absolutely LOVED reading it! Its taken me a little longer to read this book than others as I almost used it as a blog/business set up guide too!

Vicki has had an extremely successful career before and after having children and is very down to earth and honest about her struggles as a new mum, how she has built up her hugely successful blog and business Honest Mum and she has built a career that she loves.

Her book is a great manual for any mother (or father!) who is just about to return to work from maternity leave or is looking to set up either a blog or business – she is passionate about encouraging you to follow your dreams and do what YOU want to do with your life. She doesn’t deny that this involves a lot of hard work, persistence and sometimes Mum guilt, yet the rewards are incredible if push yourself to achieve what you want.

I found the book extremely useful when it comes to setting up a blog as there is SO much advice and tips around how to use the internet to your advantage, how to make the most of your time and how to focus. Vicki often uses advice from professionals on SEO, content, PR etc which is really useful and helps you to set goals on what you need to work towards in order to help your online business thrive.

It’s a book that you can keep referring back to time and time and again, not only for business advise but as a daily reminder of the time we need to put into ourselves in order to be the best version of ourselves! Vicki shares some brilliant tips on self care too – get reading! I would highly recommend this book to all parents who are keen to start a fresh challenge, its funny, heartfelt, honest and very helpful. Thanks Vicki!

Vicki and I with her wonderful book

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