Holidaying with a 1 Year Old

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We recently came back from our 2nd family holiday and I just wanted to share our experience as we found it completely different now that Charlotte is a little bit bigger. We revisited my parents villa in Spain which is in-between Alicante and Valencia in a beautiful little town called Moriria which is where we took Charlotte when she was 4 months old. We had an amazing time with the whole family coming this time which included my young niece and nephew. I absolutely loved seeing them on holiday too, it was so nice to share the experience with them.

The flight that we got in the morning was at 9am which was a perfect as Charlotte was due a nap just after we got on the flight, we had found everything relatively easy in the airport as we were able to keep Charlotte in the pushchair and load her up with snacks. Once we were on the plane I did find it a little harder as she wanted to stand up and be nosy instead of sleeping! As an emergency distraction we downloaded a few episodes of Hey Dugge on a tablet just to make sure we had something to keep her occupied and after a bit of cuddling she dozed off and had a short nap.

At the villa we had to share a room with Charlotte which is something that we’ve not done since we got back from out last holiday and I think that it was definitely the bit that we found most challenging as the room was quite small and it meant that if she was having a nap or a sleep on an evening we couldn’t go in.. there was a few occasions where I went to bed and she knew I was there and she would wake up and scream! If you can get a larger room if your ever staying in a hotel, even if its just a living room I would definitely say its worth it so that you have a little bit of extra space.

The week was really chilled out with us spending a lot of time at the villa by the pool, its a drive down to the local beach and we went a few times and Charlotte loved the sand but was a tad freaked out by the sea.. probably because it was cold! It was so lovely seeing my Mum and Dad with all of their grandchildren on the beach, building sandcastles and playing games.

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Moriria is a really beautiful town which has so much to offer, its got a lovely atmosphere with a really lovely buzz about it yet there is something about it that still makes it feel slightly untouched. The views are incredible which three small beaches which are a stones throw from a selection of restaurants. Its the perfect place for a stroll with some beautiful boutique shops, gift shops and an ice cream parlor to die for. Although I’ve visited place a lot of times, I love coming back as there is always somewhere new to explore.

About a 10 minute drive from Moriria is Javea which is a city with a buzzing nightlife and an amazing promenade to walk up and down day and night. Its amazing to have two really different places so close to each other, we often went here on an evening so that the children could play on slide at the beach. If you ever get chance to visit, its perfect for children!

I think the best thing about this holiday was that fact that I found it a lot easier to stay out later on an evening as Charlotte was happy to be occupied for much longer, I felt a lot less on edge about timings with naps and meals.

For some really odd reason, the day before we were due to go home, Charlotte decided that she was going to wake up at 11.30pm and point blank refused to go to sleep which resulted in Craig sitting up with her all night.. we had to leave the villa at 3am? How did she know if was the only night we REALLY needed to sleep?!

A few tips for travelling with a 1 year old –

  1. Take LOTS of snacks for the plane. I made sure I had loads of different snacks for the plane and even though Charlotte is now on cows milk, I took some follow on milk just in case
  2. Take LOTS of snacks when you go out for a meal, the children’s portion sizes tend to be huge so I tend to just give Charlotte a little bit of mine and always had some snacks to keep her occupied.
  3. Try and move the cot into another room if you can so that you can all relax a little bit more on an evening
  4. Download some children’s TV for the plane, just in case
  5. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes in the airport so that you can ensure that your baby is ready for the flight i.e nappy change, feed etc
  6. Don’t worry about routine on holiday, just enjoy it!
  7. Don’t go mad packing loads of stuff for the baby, you’ll need less than you think
  8. Don’t waste baggage allowance on nappies and wipes – most of these items can be bought in supermarkets abroad and I’m sure a lot of them are the same item just a different name!
  9. Put suncream on the baby before you leave, its a nightmare trying to do.. on a beach.. with sand!
  10. Take a snoozy shade so that the baby can have a nap in the pram without the risk of catching sun or overheating

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